Summer ’21 Makeup Tips

Summer is here, and the word is only getting hotter. Beat the heat with these tips and trends in skincare and makeup that everyone is loving right now!

  1. Have a good skincare routineNothing works out without a good skincare routine. Cleanse, tone, moisturize and use SPF everyday, and exfoliate twice a week. Regularly doing this will ensure that your skin remains healthy, fresh, and hydrated, so your makeup can look flawless, too!
  2. Less is moreSummer means sweat, and sweating on a face full of heavy makeup means ruin. To complete the cycle, heavy makeup will make you sweat more. So in summer, try using as little product as possible, and go with a no makeup-makeup look, that will have you looking and feeling fresh all day!
  3. Be generous with the sunscreenThe sun’s UV rays can be very harmful to the skin, causing premature aging, and posing the risk of skin cancer, too. Ensure you’re putting on your sunscreen after your moisturizer and before your makeup, for maximum protection. Dermacol’s Water Resistant Sun Cream is ideal for the scorching summers. Remember that sunscreen doesn’t last all day – 2 hours tops!
  4. Use PrimerA primer is the key to how long your makeup lasts, and how smoothly it can be applied. Apply it after our moisturizer and sunscreen. You can even mix it with foundation to dilute it for a lighter layer that will not crease. Dermacol’s White Magic Blurring Active Primer is a great product to use for your summer look!
  5. Swap powder for creamWhile powder products have their own perks, cream-based products hold up better in the summer, and are much easier to carry around and apply. What’s more, they feel lighter on your skin, and can give you a fresh, dewy look. The Blush and Glow Cream Blush will help you get rosy cheeks with the less-is-more look, too!

These makeup tips are sure to give you a trendy and fresh summer look, with the least hassle you can have!


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