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What is the difference between a day perfume and a night perfume?
Day and night perfumes are usually categorized by their scents, and whether they’d be better in the day, or after sunset. Spicy and musky scents are usually more appropriate for the evening, while floral and fruity fragrances - generally lighter - are better for the day.
How can I make my fragrance last longer?
To make your fragrance last longer, don’t just spray it on your body, also spritz it on your clothes. Also, applying perfume right after a shower, or with petroleum jelly or oil-based lotion on your skin will make it last longer.
Why do perfumes smell different on different people?
Different people have different body chemicals and compositions, and the fragrance reacts with that, giving the final scent. Your natural body smell can be affected by age, sex, hormones, and even environment.
What are fragrance families?
Fragrance families are like aroma groupings - based on how similar they smell. There are usually 7 fragrance families - Greens, Florals, Aldehydics, Chypre, Oriental, Fougère & Tobacco/Leather.

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