How to make your makeup last longer

Makeup that lasts all day is a dream.With extreme heat, sweating, and hectic schedules, even the best of makeup can wear off, showing signs of fatigue. However, models spend up to 12 hours on set with cameras and lights pointed at them, that not only increases temperature and sweating, but also tiredness. Yet, their makeup lasts all day, with minimal touch ups. What’s their secret? Dermacol’s skin and makeup experts have put together a list of items you should always have in your cosmetics bag, to ensure your makeup looks fresh all day.

  1. Use waterproof, high cover makeup

    Waterproof makeup, especially foundation, ensures it stays on your face despite sweating, or even rain. Dermacol offers a range of waterproof makeup. Our Make-up Cover is waterproof, hypoallergenic, and provides sun protection. We can assure you, it lasts through everything!

  2. Use a makeup fixing spray

    A makeup fixing spray, like Dermacol’s Longwear Make-up Fixing Spray, will ensure your makeup is set, and doesn’t melt away. An alternative that people often use is setting powder, which they also use to reset their makeup during the day. However, this can lead to multiple dry layers, and result in your makeup looking dry and cakey through the day.

  3. Take away the oil with blotting papers

    Another way to ensure your makeup looks fresh all day is to use blotting papers. Blotting papers, like Dermacol’s Matt Control Blotting Papers, take away excess oil from your face and make sure your makeup looks fresh all day. These are also easy to carry around everywhere!


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