How to cleanse your face in 3 easy steps

A regular skincare routine is the key to having soft and healthy skin. Cleansing your face twice a day – in the morning, and before bedtime, is important. This removes dirt and impurities, and cleanses the pores of your skin.

It’s a common misconception that skincare routines need to be complex and tedious. Hence, many people don’t attempt them, and make them a habit.

However, we’ve got good news. Make a simple, 3-step skin cleansing routine for yourself, and see the change it brings about!

  1. Basic Cleansing

    Make sure there are no traces of makeup on your face, or any dirt and impurities from the day. Start with a gentle cleanser to remove makeup, like the Aqua Beauty 3-in-1 Cleansing Gel that both cleans and hydrates your skin, or micellar lotion, like the Hyaluron cleansing Micellar Lotion, or the Black Magic Micellar Lotion. Follow this up with a facewash to remove excess dirt, and let your pores breathe.

  2. Ensure your products suit your skin

    A common mistake people make during their cleansing routine is to use product that don’t fit their skin type. Whether you’re using facewash, cleanser, or serum, ensure that it is made for your skin type. We have a range of products for sensitive skin, dry skin, normal skin, mature skin, and acne prone skin.

  3. Tone and Moisturize

    After you’re done cleansing your skin, use a toner like our Sensitive Calming Toner to balance the pH levels of your skin, and follow it up with moisturizer. Use a gel based moisturizer for oily skin,like the Acneclear Moisturizing gel-cream, and a water based one for dry skin, like the Aqua Beauty Moisturizing Cream. This will help your skin stay healthy and supple, while nourishing it.

Use this simple skincare routine and watch the way your skin glows!


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