Dermacol Stores

Varied colors, seductive fragrances, pleasant sales assistants… Forget about the hustle and bustle outside, spoil yourself and be pampered… Yes, you are in one of the exclusive Dermacol stores…in the right place just for you.

Dermacol stores in Prague

The first two Dermacol experience stores opened in Prague in 2014. Where else than in the city where it all began. The store in the Palladium shopping mall also features a Dermacol cosmetics salon where you can enjoy professional skin care, be pampered with unique, highly-effective products from the Dermacol Skin Care Line and also choose the right make-up that will underline your feminine beauty. Your shopping can turn into a unique experience.

Czech and Slovak Dermacol Stores

We have gradually been opening other Dermacol experience stores in Brno and Ostrava, and recently also in Bratislava, Slovakia. Here, you can also combine shopping with pleasant experiences, such as having professional make-up done by Dermacol make-up artists. Dermacol experience stores offer not only products that are generally available in our e-shop and partner stores, but also a wider decorative cosmetics portfolio – over 150 shades of nail polishes, eye shadows or lipsticks, as well as the luxury line of Dermacol perfumes.

Dermacol stores UAE

Thanks to its high quality and traditional European origin, Dermacol is very popular not only on the Czech market, but also abroad. In 2020, the first franchise Dermacol experience store opened in UAE. In this store, our customers can also use the services of professional make-up artists, who will not only do their make-up, but also suggest which foundation shade to choose with respect to their natural skin tone and help them select the best skin care products. With the original glass flowers, custom-made for Dermacol by the world-renowned architect and designer Bořek Šípek, the store will also take them to the fragrant world of exclusive Dermacol perfumes.